Homework 2 -- due Sep. 25

18 Sep 2011

For this homework assignment, you'll be creating a few web pages, and posting them to your student web space. See this post for links to information on how publish your web pages. Also, here are some more notes about editing html files.

To submit your homework, upload all pages to your student web space, and send an email to jal2016@email.vccs.edu with subject "CSC 110 hw2" that contains the links to all of your pages.

  1. Pick a person, event, or idea that's important to the history of computing, and create a web page that describes it and provides links to more information. Your web page should contain at least:

    • A main heading and a sub-heading
    • Three links to other sites that provide more information
    • Two pictures
  2. Create a web page about any topic you're interested in (a hobby, movies, music, food, unicorns, etc.). The point of this exercise is to use some custom style information on your web page.

    Read through this CSS intro. Once you've seen examples of ways to style your web page, add some style information to your page. Include at least 8 different types of styling. You'll probably need to experiment for a while to discover how some of the styling properties work.

    Here's a template you can start with:

        <title>Your title goes here</title>
        <style type="text/css">

    Here's another example of using CSS for styling.