Week 2 agenda

30 Aug 2011

Here's a planned agenda for week 2 and into week 3 (and maybe beyond, depending on how fast we go).

  • Number systems
    • Decimal
    • General bases
    • Binary
    • Hexadecimal
    • Conversions and arithmetic
  • Boolean logic introduction
  • Other binary arithmetic
  • Colors and image example

  • Files

    • Plain text
    • Text editor setup

      • Use whatever you'd like as long as it has a hex editor. We'll go over Notepad++. I can also help with Vim or Emacs, but those are much more complicated.
    • Binary formats

    • Hex editor

      • In Notepad++, to enable the hex editor plugin, you have to check the option to allow unstable plugins in the plugin install menu.
  • Binary formats

    • Windows bitmap (.bmp) examples. We're going to examine a very simple image file that you create. Open Microsoft Paint and resize your image to something very small (like 8x1). Insert one or more colors, paying attention to the hexadecimal color values. Save it as a 24-bit bitmap file, and take a look at the bitmap file format.