Week 5 summary

23 Sep 2011

HTML exercises

Here are the completed examples we worked through in class:

To experiment with them on your own, you'll have to download all 3 files (you can do that by right-clicking on the links and selecting "Save Link As..." and save them in the same directory.


We'll have our first quiz next week (Sep 29). It will cover the following topics:

  • Number systems: binary, decimal, hexadecimal

    • Converting between systems
    • Binary arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and logical (and, or, xor) operations.
  • Boolean arithmetic

    • Truth tables, evaluating truth of a logical statement
  • HTML concepts

    • Separation between content and styling
    • Tree structure
    • Concepts of id and class
    • General form of HTML and CSS code
    • Note: you won't be expected to remember names of tags we've used, but if you're reminded of the names, you'll be expected to be able to use them.

Example questions:

  1. Compute the following (assume all numbers are written in binary):

    • 01101110 + 11110110
    • 01101110 - 00110101
    • 01101110 | 11110110 (bitwise or)
    • 01101110 ^ 11110110 (bitwise exclusive or)
    • 01101110 & 11110110 (bitwise and)
  2. What is binary 11110000 in decimal? In hexadecimal?

  3. What is decimal 123 in binary? In hexadecimal?
  4. Write the truth table for (X & Y) | (X & Z) | (X & Y & Z). Can you simplify the expression?
  5. Consider the following HTML, and answer all of the following questions (by specifying HTML text and where you'd insert it).

        <h1>Best restaurants</h1>
          <li>The Broiler</li>
          <li>Skyline Cafe</li>
    • What modifications would you make to make "The Broiler" orange and "Skyline Cafe" brown? Write what would change in the HTML, and what style blocks you'd have to add. Hint: the color property can set text color.
    • How would you insert a picture immediately below "The Broiler"? Say where you would insert new elements, and what you'd insert. Hint: the img tag is used to insert picures, and the br tag inserts a line break.
    • How would you make "Skyline Cafe" link to the Skyline Cafe website when you click? Hint: the a tag inserts a link, and it's used in the form <a href="destination address">Link text that you click on</a>.