Homework and readings policies

All homework and readings are listed on the weekly update page (under the Classes section).

Each homework problem asks you to write one or more programs. Please save each indivdually and attach them all (either individually or zipped or targz’ed). In later assignments this page will be updated with more specific naming instructions.

For Java programs, the following structure (when appropriate) will be easiest: if you’re using a development environment (like NetBeans), create a new project for the week’s homework set. Within the project, create a new class (.java file) for each problem, and implement your solution in the class. If you’re not using a development environment, just create a folder for the homework set and complete each problem in a separate class in the same way.

To turn everything in, create a zip file containing the complete folder for each project you need to submit.


Some of the readings will be accessible through Safari online (direct link, or access through the nvcc library site). Use your student ID for access (I have to use the one with my initials and a number, but please let me know if you have problems).

The required readings will have material you might be tested on, but the optional readings won’t (unless it’s material that’s also covered in a required reading).