Week 5 examples

HTML tags we've seen so far

Tag Category Description
html Structure Defines main document
body Structure Defines main content
h1, h2, ... Structure/content Defines heading and/or section
ol, ul Structure/content Define list (ordered or unordered)
a Structure/content Link to another page
img Content Embed an image


  1. Make all headers a new color
  2. Make all headers a different font
  3. Make table cells more distinct by giving them a background color
  4. Make table header names bold
  5. Make table header row background a different color
  6. Give alternating rows of the table slightly different backgrounds
  7. Create a table listing useful CSS properties
  8. Highlight this question in yellow
  9. Create another page and link to it here: _ Have the new page link to the same stylesheet as this one, so that the formatting remains consistent.
  10. Format the page so that it is readable even if the browser screen is very wide. Some CSS properties that might help: width, margin-left, margin-right.
  11. Make the background of the main text content different from the background of the unused margins. Use a div to wrap the main text content. Some CSS properties that might help: background-color, padding. margin-right.
  12. Reorganize this page so that there is a sidebar with other content. Use div tags to organize the content. Some CSS properties that might help: float, width.