03 Apr 2012 [ 201 week12 project ]

By Thursday, April 4, send me an email (or just bring it on paper to class) with the following information about your project:

  1. Project description.

  2. Goals for your final (turned-in) version. Be as specific as possible -- try to provide a list of features you'd like to have. If you plan to continue work on your project after the semester, feel free to run further goals by me as well.

  3. Initial design thoughts. Outline how you think you'll need to break up the design of your program, giving a preliminary list of classes you'll need to design. You don't have to provide any actual code or diagrams yet.

  4. Are you going to use any Java packages that aren't part of the standard library? If so, let me know which ones you plan to use, or if you'd like help looking for something to accomplish a particular task.

  5. Any other questions?