Programming Tools & Computer Science I

CSC 185 & 201, Spring 2013, Northern Virginia Community College

Homework 6: Unit testing



Mar 6, 11:59PM

To submit:

Working in your repository from 185 HW3, work on the project in: homework/185/unit-testing, and follow the directions below. Then commit your work, push to your Bitbucket account, and email me when you're done, with subject CSC 185 HW6.

You should first pull in the updates I've made to the main course repository. To do that, within your local copy run: hg fetch That will download all the updates I've posted to my copy, including the unit-testing project.


Define unit tests for the intersects method in the Geometry class Try to think of all the possible ways for two line segments to intersect (or not intersect), and test to make sure they're handled correctly. You should find at least one bug in the method.

You can define tests either in the main method, or in the separate unit test file.

Optional: fix the method so that it handles all cases properly.