Programming Tools & Computer Science I

CSC 185 & 201, Spring 2013, Northern Virginia Community College

Homework 2: Programming warmup



Feb 4, 11:59PM (note: updated due date)

To submit:

Send an email to me at with subject CSC 201 HW2 with your answers attached in a zip file.

Alternately, if you follow the directions for 185 HW3, you can put your assignment in a folder named homework/201/hw2 in your repository, and email me when you're done.


  1. Write a program in a class called Squares that prints all the squares (1, 4, 9, 16, …) that are less than 1000.
  2. Write a program in a class called Caps that reads a single line of text and prints it with each word capitalized. For example, if you input hello there then it will print Hello There. Here's a template to start with:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class Caps {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            Scanner input = new Scanner(;
            String line = input.nextLine();
            // Print each word capitalized...
    Hint: one way to do this is to loop over each character, and test to see when you're at the start of a word. If you're operating on char data, the static method Character.toUpperCase can convert to upper case.
  3. Write a program in a class called Calc that works as a simple calculator. Your calculator should accept at least 2 different operations (e.g. addition and multiplication).

    You can assume that each line looks like 500 + 33 or 32 * 11, or whatever format you prefer, but make sure to specify your assumptions.

    Add at least one extra feature. For example, you could save the last output in a "variable" for the user to use in their expressions. So if the users types 3 + 5 and then x + 3, x would be treated as 8.