Homework 3: HTML

Due: Thursday October 4, 11:59PM.

To submit: Send an email to me at jal2016@email.vccs.edu with subject CSC 110 HW3 with your work attached in a zip file.

  1. Pick a person, event, or idea that's important to the history of computing, and create a web page that describes it and provides links to more information. Your web page should contain at least:

    • A main heading and a sub-heading
    • Three links to other sites that provide more information
    • Two pictures

    Example solution: Edsger Dijkstra

  1. Create a Choose Your Own Adventure -style set of web pages that tells a story and offers at least 2 choices after each setup. You should have at least 8 pages, and each page should work with a common style sheet that makes everything look nice. Here are some examples: example 1 (fancier than plain HTML), example 2 (kind of stupid, but it's a good example of a simple format like we'll use).

    Example solution: Silly example

  1. Create a web page for a recipe you like. Your page should use CSS and tags to somehow distinguish ingredients from the rest of the text, and highlight any important instructions or temperatures.

    Example solution: pizza