Week 12: Programming in Processing

Processing is a programming language based on Java that focuses on interactive graphical applications.

Class notes: week 12


See the Processing Download page. The lab computers should have the software already available.

At home I would recommend installing the latest version (the default). In the lab, we might have an earlier version. The earlier version should be exactly the same for all the ways we use it, but be aware that more advanced functionality might differ slightly.


We'll be following along with Getting Started with Processing. It's a nice short (and relatively cheap, if you want a hard copy) book that we'll actually read most of.

Read chapters 1-3. Run the examples as you go through. The examples can be loaded directly from the Processing environment by looking in the File/Examples menu.

Other resources

There are many resources for learning Processing online; here are a couple that I like:

  • OpenProcessing is a site that collects examples of Processing programs from many users, from simple to advanced.
  • The Nature of Code is a book that focuses on physical simulations in Processing, slightly more advanced than what we'll start with.

Please remember that you must cite any sources that you use, and for your project you must consult with me before using any outside sources.