Week 2-3: binary arithmetic


We'll cover the following topics:

  • number systems
  • binary arithmetic
  • boolean logic
  • relation to computers; colors; images
  • files
  • binary formats; bitmap examples

View class notes: week 2, week 3, week 4.



  • CSC 110 Readings: Read the chapter 2 selections, and work through the example problems (not graded).


  • The Numeral article on Wikipedia has information on lots of different numbers systems that have been used, including one where "1–4 may be the fingers, 5 'thumb', 6 'wrist', 7 'elbow', 8 'shoulder', etc., across the body and down the other arm, so that the opposite pinkie represents a number between 17 (Torres Islands) to 23 (Eleman)."
  • The Two's complement article discusses why that way of representing negative numbers is useful (I got the description wrong in class).